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Hi, I’m Roy Rinberg. I’m a computer scientists, software-engineer, and lover of public-interest technology. To find out more about me, head on over to www.technicallyprivate.com!

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General Comments

Look. I’m a person, like you - I have made mistakes, I do make mistakes, and I will make mistakes. However, I don’t want that to prevent me from trying to put out good content - so feel encouraged to email me or comment with opinion-based or factual disagreements you may have.

I’m a big proponent of learning in public and I intend to use this newsletter (and my website) as a platform for fleshing out my own ideas, while also giving you an idea of what it’s like inside my brain.

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Computer Scientist, Software Engineer, and Grad Student at Columbia University focusing on privacy and public-interest technology. www.royrinberg.com